Iceland New Energy (IS)

Company description

The purpose of INE: “Is to set up a joint venture company to investigate the potential for eventually replacing the use of fossil fuels in Iceland with “hydrogen based fuels” and create the world’s first hydrogen economy”. A hydrogen fuel cell bus project (ECTOS/HyFLEET:CUTE) was chosen to be the first project since it does not require a complex infrastructure and vehicle manufactures were already on the starting line to demonstrate fuel cell buses. Also buses provided an excellent platform to monitor regarding socio-economic factor. INE gained considerable experience and learning from that project and is now ready to take on the next major step, i.e. to use existing information to compare to the next levels of demonstrations passenger vehicles and marine applications. INE now is the coordinator of the SMART-H2 project (a 10 million US$ fully funded Icelandic activity) which involves the operation of a commercial hydrogen refuelling station 15 hydrogen cars and an auxiliary boat engine on a commercial sea going vessel. This project is the key for the data collection of Prepar-H2. INE’s research and bulk of work has been in the field of studying the integration processes of hydrogen into the consumer society. INE is a private international company working mostly as an enabler for the hydrogen technology. 

Main tasks in the project

Main task of INE will be the economic evaluation of the demonstration project and calculations of total cost of owner ship in case of lager scale implementation of the technology in Europe.