Company description

Thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our sustainability software, data and consulting services help you drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. is our highly scalable enterprise software platform and application center that empowers decision-makers to transform their business and achieve breakthrough results. The data foundation leverages the world’s largest sustainability database which houses over 15,000 industrial activity models for simulation of any value chain or product.

We complement our technology by thinkstep professional services to make sure you capture the full business value of sustainability. Our consulting services draw on more than two decades of experience working with businesses in 20 major sectors.

Main tasks in the project

Within several European, national and company-wide  projects complete LCA of hydrogen infrastructure and different supply chains have been conducted since 2001. This includes the EC’s funded Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE), HyFLEET CUTE and the succession project Clean Hydrogen in European Cities (CHIC). TS has also has experience in the development of Product Category Rules (PCR) documents, most recently documented by coordinating the development of the guidance document for the conducting LCA of hydrogen production technologies in the JTI funded project FC-HyGuide. TS developed more than 10 PCR documents for various industries such as the construction material industry (polyurethane insulation boards (BING), insulation systems (IBU) etc.) and conducted more than 100 environmental product EPDs for various materials.

TS was instrumental in developing the EC lead initiative on the International Life Cycle Data base (ILCD). TS was the project leader of the ELCD I (Internet Site on Life-Cycle Assessment Tools and Services and Life-Cycle Inventory Data in support of European  Integrated  Product Policy; EC-DG Env) and ELCD II (Enhancement of the ELCD core database; EC-JRC).

Main tasks in the project:

  • Conducting the LCA of the investigated hydrogen production system including the determination of the environmental performance of the upscaled system.
  • Contribution to the dissemination of project findings focusing on LCA related aspects.