Colruyt (B)

Company description

Colruyt (Euroext: COLR) is a Belgian family company that is one of the major players in the country's retail network. Founded in 1925 by Franz Colruyt, the group today operates a number of retail brands, most significantly its eponymous discount supermarket chain. The company is headquartered in Halle (near Brussels), Belgium and has operations in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The group's main business is its Colruyt discount supermarket chain, which has over 200 locations in Belgium. Other food retail brands operated by the company include the grocery chain Okay and the organic supermarket Bio-Planet. Colruyt is also one of two franchisees of the SPAR brand in Belgium. Already in 1990 Colruyt proposed its Green Line program for a better environment. This program resulted in several concrete environmental initiatives.

Main tasks in the project

  • Providing the project with a test location and the necessary electrical equipment and ancillary infrastructure
  • On site renewable energy production (solar and wind) and on site use of hydrogen driven users (e.g. material handling applications)
  • Application procedures for permits and contact with local authorities
  • Providing historical and real-time data of wind and solar production and of electricity and fuel prices
  • Development of business cases