WaterstofNet (B)

Company description

WaterstofNet vzw is a cross border (Flanders-South-Netherlands) regional non-profit organization for implementing hydrogen projects with focus on sustainable hydrogen, infrastructure, early markets (maritime applications, logistic applications and public transport), storage and education.

WaterstofNet  coordinated the project ‘Hydrogen region Flanders – South Netherlands’ (2009-2013), that has been approved within the European Interreg-program. Realizations of the project are 2 fueling stations (one in Flanders , one in the Netherlands), a 1 MW fuel cell on residual hydrogen at Solvay (harbor of Antwerp), the conversion of a fork-lift, garbage truck and a bus to hydrogen and a interactive educational program.

Regarding the Joint Undertaking, WaterstofNet is partner in High V.LO-City.

Main tasks in the project

Support in coordination and management (administrative/financial), evaluation of test results, coordinating assessment of implementation on large scale.