Hydrogenics (B)

Company description

Hydrogenics Corporation is a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq Global Market (stock symbol HYGS) and the TSX (stock symbol HYG). Hydrogenics is committed to satisfy the hydrogen needs in the industrial, energy and renewable sectors by designing and manufacturing electrolysis gas generators and hydrogen fueling stations. 

Our corporate headquarters are in Mississauga, Canada. We have other corporate and sales offices, and hydrogen installations, operating in countries around the world. With 60 years of hydrogen expertise, with a staff of 120 people and more than 1’000 references around the world, the Hydrogenics Corporation is a leading global developer of clean hydrogen energy solutions (www.hydrogenics.com). 

Hydrogenics Europe in Oevel (B) is head office for on site hydrogen generation. 

Main tasks in the project

Hydrogenics will use its expertise in developing electrolysers and complete fueling stations to develop and innovative PEM electrolyser module which will have a production capacity of a 30Nm3/hour. This module will include the stack but also all the needed peripherals to have a proper functioning of the electrolyser. Hydrogenics will also do the work to integrate these new equipments to the existing fueling station to optimize the use of it. The storage will also be in its scope.