Official opening Don Quichote installation at Colruyt Group in Halle - 9 march 2016

Within the Don Quichote project, supported bij de FCH-JU, the existing hydrogen installation of WaterstofNet at Colruyt Group in Halle is expanded to a smart-grid environment. The station has a PEM electrolyser, PEM fuel cell and extra storage capacity.

9 march 2016 the installation is officialy opened bij Jef Colruyt, CEO of Colruyt Group and Paula Abreu-Marques, Head of Department Renewable Technologies and CSS policy at DG Energy.

Till now 11 forklifts refuel at the station, but Colruyt plans to scale up to 200. Also a hydrogen car Hyundai ix35 is refuelling at te station. In the meantime the hydrogen is a reliabale possibility to balance the electricity needs of the company. Surplus energy of wind ans solarsystems, can be stored in hydrogen and used at times of lower electricity production.

Download the pressrelease of Colruyt Group.